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Some of the basic and very effective exercises for each body part including Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Legs, Traps, Back, Forearms.

The best practice to get a toned & attractive body/physical appearance and the body you desire,  is to train each of the mentioned body parts 6 days a week, including working on one body part each day.

Click on each of the below mentioned Body Parts to check out their respective workouts:

It can be like this:

  • Monday       —–   Chest
  • Tuesday       —–   Triceps
  • Wednesday —–   Back
  • Thursday     —–   Biceps
  • Friday           —–    Shoulders
  • Saturday      —–   Legs
  • You can mix up Cardio in any of these except avoiding on a Leg Day —— Cardio

OR like this if you are bit advanced and have can train 2 body parts per day:

  • Monday:         Chest
  • Tuesday:         Back & Triceps
  • WednesdayShoulders
  • Thursday:       Legs & Biceps
  • Friday:             Mix, Cardio

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