My Transformation Story




  • Daanish Zaffar





My passion and enthusiasm for Fitness and being fit and healthy boosted me from getting my desired body/fitness level.

For anyone to Stay Fit and be in their best shape, one needs to have a proper dedication towards his/her fitness goals along with proper guidance regarding Diet/Exercises.

I have worked on my Physique since Day 1 when I realized to transform myself till this date. 

The main building blocks of my Body Transformation that go with me till this date are Consistency, Dedication, passion, and my enthusiasm of being recognized as different from rest of the Crowd. Its not just the Physical Health needs to be perfect, which is visible but also your internal health as well without which survival is not possible. I always wanted to be Fit, be Healthy both from Inside as well as outside and enjoy a great Lifestyle.

There are lots of my friends, colleagues, gym partners, even my relatives who always see me as an inspiration (i know its a Big term, but i hear it from them at times), and who want physique and fitness level like and its this gratitude of them towards me which motivates me even more each day to give my best to my Fitness and also give back to them as well in terms of giving them various Health & Fitness tips and so.

From a Learner to now a Certified Fitness Trainer, i have achieved, learned and experienced lot of things as a – Fitness Blogger, Quora Top Writer in terms of Fitness, Fitness Youtuber, and also as a Certified  Diet & Fitness Consultant.

I also have many happily satisfied clients in terms of their Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Bodybuilding, 6 packs abs and many more fitness  goals.

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