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Immune yourself from Covid Pandemic

As we all are aware of this disastrous Coronavirus pandemic which is spreading like it is never going to come to an end, instead we are facing wave after wave of this deadly virus, taking lives of thousands of people, sparing no one, be it be a celebrity, a bodybuilder, old and young. We are... Continue Reading →

4 Best habits to improve your health & Well Being

Eat Healthy Foods Healthy Foods One of the basic and most important ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle is to start developing the habit of eating Good and Healthy food and maintaining the same with a proper Diet plan and routine. So coming to the question what type of Diet is considered to be as... Continue Reading →

Exercise & Mental Health

  Exercises ,as most of us know and believe is for a Strong well-being and Fitness. Do you know the benefits of Exercise for our Mental Health? In today's world where life is full of  Stress, depression, lots of tension related to work, family, relationships, career etc, it's a need to keep our Mental Health... Continue Reading →


HIIT [HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING] includes both cardio and resistance exercises which are highly effective body workouts. It involves performing an exhaustive physical exercises for a short period of time followed by a short recovery. The best part about this type of training is that the exercises involved in it can be performed anywhere – home,... Continue Reading →

7 Foods that Will Boost Your Immune System & Overall Health

  As most of us know that a strong & good immunity helps fights off infections and also balance our health problems that can escalate with stress and things like that. So, the question is How to make our immune system strong? FOODS! Yes, there are lot of good foods that help us to boost... Continue Reading →

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