Client Transformations


Client Transformation @Mudit

Lost 11 Kg in just 4 months. 
Weight Then: – 83 Kg
Weight Now: – 72 Kg

Fitness level Then: – Obese
Fitness level now: – Healthy, no health issues.

 👉 Activity Level was very Low and now an active guy and more stylish and fit

👉 He has increased his Stamina level more than expected with his consistency and dedication for fitness. . . 
Want to get as fit and stylish like him.




Client transformation 💪 @ashirinsta

Lost 46 Kg of weight in just 10 months. 
Weight Then: -128 Kg
Weight Now: -82 Kg

Fitness level Then: – High blood pressure
Fitness level now: – Healthy, no BP, no health issues.
👉 Not any miracle or magic, all it needs is full dedication towards your fitness..
👉 He even wasn’t able to walk properly due to his extra weight and now he runs 10k marathon. .
👉 Had diagnosed with health issues like high BP, obesity etc and now he is a fit guy with none of these issues..

True Dedication and guidance is all it takes to achieve your fitness goals..

DM if you also want to loose extra fat/weight and maintain a healthy and stylish lifestyle.

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