Is Poha Good For Weight Loss?

Poha also known as flattened rice, is one of the common breakfasts in India. It is prepared by cooking, drying and breaking the rice and then flaking it into very thin strips. Poha is a healthy breakfast because it is very low in Calories containing about 76% Carbohydrates and is also very low in fat which instantly boosts the energy levels in your body. It is also packed with fibre, potassium, and iron.

General Benefits of Poha:

As Poha contains lots of fibre which helps eliminate body toxins and cleanse the digestive tract. It also helps lower the cholesterol and regulate the blood pressure in your body. Eating poha at least once a week, gives you a good dose of iron, which is highly essential for the proper functioning of all your organs. Poha is a great way to start your day! Few of the common benefits of Poha are listed below:

  • It is an excellent dish for weight watchers as it does not contain any saturated fat.
  • Poha is also a good source of protein as it contains all eight essential amino acids.
  • It can be easily prepared in a short period of time and is economical as well.
  • It is easy to digest and thus is a good food for children.
  • It ticks all the right boxes and is very nutritious.

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Poha for Weight Loss:

Why Poha is considered as the best meal option for Weight loss?

1. Poha is very low in Calories and Gluten as well, and in the mean time it is rich in fibre and protein, making it very light, nutritious and a prefect dish for weight loss.

2. Poha also keeps us full throughout the day as it contains Probiotics ( these are good bacteria that help in digestion and keeps your gut healthy).

3. Poha also contains various essential nutrients making it a healthy meal or snack.

4. As Poha is rich in fibre, it allows you to control the release of sugar into the bloodstream and thus prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Thus, it is also suitable for those who have diabetes.

Healthy Poha Recipes Worth Trying:

Poha can be mixed and eaten with almost anything. It’s not only yummy but helps reduce those inches as well. Below are some Poha recipes one should definitely try and add up some spice to your first meal of the day and remain healthy as well at the same time.

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