Do Weight Loss Belts Really Work?

Before jumping into our main topic “Do weight loss belts really work?“, let us first clear some few things about these belts!!

What are these Weight Loss Belts?

A weight loss belt, also referred as a compression belt or waist belt, is a belt that is generally made of Neoprene – which is a type of synthetic rubber generally high in elastic and also compresses under pressure. Fat Burn belts uses the body’s own fat as fuel, while giving you energy at the same time. These are also sometimes referred as Sweat Belts. Most Weight loss belts are in the form of an elastic belt. When worn, your body’s natural fat release mechanism starts up, and your body is forced to use up to 7.5 times more calories than normal.

Weight Loss Belt Usage?

Weight Loss belts are best used while performing any sort physical activities like walking/running/jogging, weight lifting, cycling etc. Fat burning belts produce extra sweat from your body apart from the regular sweat which you get while doing these physical exercises, making you to burn down your body fat.

Do Weight Loss Belts work?

This has been a topic of discussion over a large period of time. Why?, because some people say it works wonders and some people are not happy with the outcomes of using a fat burning belt.

So, in order to clear this a bit, any type of such belts do not help loose weight as such but yes, using these belts might help us to look bit slimmer in some ways, due to the tightening of muscles around the stomach. Also, according to NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) the fat distribution in the body largely dependents on one’s genetics, and the only way to effectively lose body fat is by creating a caloric deficit — burning more calories than you take in and not using any such fat burning belts.

These fat/weight burning/loosing belts do not help in shredding down the fat from our body in the real sense, instead it tights/compresses our core/abdominal muscles to make it look flat.

These belts are a kind of source for producing lots of sweat from our body for some time and help us look lighter for a certain period of time. It does not take out the actual fat from our body and help us loose weight or fat, which in turn is achieved only by concentrating on our diet/meals (by having a Calorie Deficient meal) and performing exercises/workout regularly, which is the best way to Loose Weight and lasts forever.

Also, adding to the same most of the people believe that using slimming belts or these weight loss belts melts fat from the waistline or abdomen area but this is not possible in the real sense as there is no such scientific evidence to support the claim of spot reduction (losing fat from one body part). Our body burns the stored fat in an overall proportion.

Adverse effects of Weight Loss Belts

As we talked about the working and usage of these fat loosing belts, we also need to check out various adverse/negative effects of using these sweat belts for weight loss.

Using a fat burn belt for a long time will have various bad effects on our body which include:

  • Skin Burns: Direct skin contact with the slimming belt often causes burns and blisters, causing many problems for the user.
  • Rise in Body Temperature: These belts makes your body warm and sweats more than Normal. Also, using the belt at high temperatures can increase the risk of heat stroke and malaise, which are actually significant risks.
  • Dehydration: As using a slimming belt causes you to sweat more, making you extremely dehydrated and hence will have hazardous impact on the your body system.
  • Skin Issues: During the usage of these fat burning belt, they hold the perspiration against the skin preventing the fresh air to circulate around it which causes rashes, itchiness, acne etc. in the skin where it has been tied.

So, taking all the above things into consideration, it is advisable and not recommended to use such belts for long terms, instead one should do exercises/workout regularly and have a clean healthy Calorie deficient diet to reduce the extra fat from their body.

Here are some of the exercise that you can perform on regular basis to reduce belly fat and help loose weight.

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