4 Best habits to improve your health & Well Being

Eat Healthy Foods

One of the basic and most important ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle is to start developing the habit of eating Good and Healthy food and maintaining the same with a proper Diet plan and routine.

So coming to the question what type of Diet is considered to be as Healthy and good to eat. To begin with one should surely take plant-based diet into consideration, avoid too much of oil in food, reduce consumption of processed food, avoid food with lots of carbs, avoid foods containing surplus of unsaturated fats.

It is not compulsory to switch to a Healthy diet instantly or giving up your favorite foods. Instead you can replace your food options with healthier ones and with the same taste or even better as there are lot of such options available. So as you will start exploring the healthier food options instead of unhealthy foods and that too of your choice and taste, you will start developing the habit of consuming healthy foods indirectly which at the end will add on to your Healthy Lifestyle.

Physical Activity/Exercise

Physical Activities

Another great habit one can adopt to enjoy a healthy well being is to be spend at least 30 mins of their day in performing any kind of physical activity be it be running, cardio, high-intensity workout, Yoga, or any sort of sports or any other physical games. Keeping ourselves involved in any sort of exercises helps us to manage your weight, reduce your health risk, strengths our bones and muscles, keeps your heart healthy, maintains your blood pressure and improves quality sleep as well. You can also involve yourself in variety of games like jogging, playing tennis, swimming, or playing team sports with some friends. By adding more variety to your workouts, you’ll be keeping up an interest in exercise. You can also involve your close ones or friends in your day to day exercise/workout plans which will help you to stay motivated so that we don’t loose a day without any physical activity.

Get Enough Sleep

Sound Sleep

Getting a sound and quality sleep is as important as having a good diet. One should make a habit of maintaining 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night and it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do, but unfortunately so many people fail to maintain it. Also, as per various Medical researches, getting less than 7 or 8 hours of sleep on a consistent basis will adversely affect your emotional, cognitive, and physical health. Even one night of poor sleep can leave you in a mental fog, raise the risk of depressive episodes, and drain your energy for the day.

There are also some long term adverse effects of having a low quality include higher risks for cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and mental health disorders. If you find it hard to get sufficient sleep, you can try things like stop drinking caffeinated products before bed, reduce long daytime naps, put away electronic devices one hour before bed, try to sleep and wake at consistent times and improve the comfort of your bedding.

Eliminate Stress

Kick off your Stress

Sound mind in a sound body” as rightly quoted by Thales, which means there are close links between physical exercise, mental equilibrium which helps us to enjoy overall healthy life. You can achieve a good and healthy lifestyle only by keeping your mind sound, stable and stress free. As physical activity does relieve stress, you should also add some additional activities to your daily routine that are specifically designed to relieve tension and relax your mind. If you don’t take the time to eliminate stress from your mind, it will continue to build up. As your brain releases heavier amounts of stress hormones, your stress levels will rise accordingly. This can lead to inhibited cognitive functioning, emotional instability, a comprised immune system, and poor health in general.

There are enormous simple ways to reduce stress, for example you can meditate, practice yoga,take a warm bath, read a good book, go for evening/morning walks,take a leisurely walk around the park and the list goes on. You can make a habit of any one of these to get rid of your built-up anxiety. Also, you can have a hobby and involve yourself in that hobby may be over weekends or holidays which in turn also helps to eliminate the stress within you.

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