HIIT [HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING] includes both cardio and resistance exercises which are highly effective body workouts. It involves performing an exhaustive physical exercises for a short period of time followed by a short recovery.

The best part about this type of training is that the exercises involved in it can be performed anywhere – home, gym, park, or anywhere else.

There are lots of benefits of this type of training including increased metabolic rate, desirable muscle building and muscle retention along with fat loss and increased calorie burn during and after the workout. Some of the most top benefits of HIIT include:


Loses Fat & retains Muscle mass:


HIIT increases the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which is essential for optimal health, strength and significantly improves insulin sensitivity, boosts fat loss and increase muscle growth.

Studies have shown that in 24 hours after a HIIT workout, the body produces 450 percent more HGH, encouraging your body to build and preserve lean muscle mass while still removing the body of excess fat.

Increases Efficiency:


HIIT involves both aerobic (Aerobic exercise is any type of cardiovascular conditioning. It can include activities like brisk walking, swimming, running, or cycling. Aerobic exercise means “with oxygen”, by definition) and anaerobic training (Anaerobic exercise is any activity that breaks down glucose for energy without using oxygen) in contrast with the normal cardio which only addresses aerobic.

Aerobic fitness increases your need for oxygen and anaerobic training builds muscle, thus, these workouts collectively will increase your endurance and make you stronger at the same time.

Burns more Calories:


One of the best features of HIIT training is that it helps you to cut down the extra body fat into muscles by burning down the calories. As fat burning process requires oxygen, the more oxygen that gets inside your body, the more fat your body burns.

A high-intensity workout increases your body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery. This “after-burn” effect is known as (EPOC) Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and this is the reason why HIIT exercise helps to burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic exercises.

Boosts Metabolism:


As mentioned earlier the after-burn effect or EPOC leads to a metabolic boost for at least up to 48 hours after a completed HIIT routine. Since HIIT helps build muscle mass, and muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells, HIIT further contributes to increasing your metabolism.

In other words, anaerobic exercise increases your BMR, which is the rate of energy expenditure by your body at rest and is measured in kJ per hour per kg body mass.

Just for the information, an increase in your metabolism helps not only in weight loss, but also keeps your body healthy inside as well.

Improves Stamina:


HIIT in conjunction with traditional cardio training can help a lot to improve endurance/stamina, as high intensity intervals allow you to do more high intensity work in a shorter duration because the interspersed recovery periods help sustain the exercise.

Also, HIIT training is a great way to increase the overall cardio capacity as well as recovery hence increasing the overall stamina.

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