• Cholesterol lowering foods are foods that are low in dietary cholesterol, but also low in saturated fat. Saturated fat is the key because it affects your cholesterol level way more than dietary cholesterol.
  • Saturated fats can produce 4 times more cholesterol in your blood than dietary cholesterol.
  • Cholesterol lowering diets are very talked-about nowadays that helps you in lowering cholesterol level. Because fats have the best impact on raising the amount of cholesterol in your system, cholesterol lowering diets will involve a smaller fat intake and you to follow a low fat diet plan.
  • In order to keep a healthy cholesterol lowering diet, avoid foods like fatty meats (beef), organ meats like kidney, heart and liver, and processed foods. On the opposite hand, include sardines, tuna, salmon, seafood etc in your diet, so as to get rid of the cholesterol from your body.
  • It’s recommended that you simply consume plenty of fish since it contains omega-3-fatty acids. instead of having the fat-rich milk, you’ll be able to consider switching over to milk.
  • You should also reduce the number of other dairy products like cheese and butter maintain a cholesterol lowering diet.

Include fruits and cereals, plenty of vegetables, whole grain products in your cholesterol lowering diet. Add green leafy vegetables like soy, carrots and dried peas in your diet. Switch to home-cooked food and cut down the fried foods.

    • Include berries, almonds, oats and figs since these have low cholesterol content. Keep this thing in mind that when you are on a cholesterol lowering diet, you should drink many water and fluids so that you flush out the surplus of cholesterol.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide some sort of health advice but is for general information only.

Written by Daanish@fitnessbydaanish

Daanish Zaffar, born on 20th April, in Anantnag District of Jammu & Kashmir is a IT Professional and a Certified Fitness Consultant and Nutrition Advisor. He believes that everyone in this planet can be fit n healthy despite their love for laziness, inconsistency. He is a fitness freak and also believes in helping others in every possible way. Apart from his fitness passion, he also has a very good hand on painting, sketching.He is a photography lover as well.


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