Why everyone has not a Fit & Healthy body?


Ever wondered why each one of us is NOT healthy and fit ??

Being fit and staying healthy does not take that much of hardship in terms of money or any other things which people consider more valuable than anything else even than their HEALTH.

Every single person on this planet can be fit and live a healthy life till their existence.

As per my personal experience in the field of fitness and nutrition since these many years and also with various studies and researches on fitness, healthy living, healthy diet and nutrition, i have come up with some of the basic and most important factors/reasons for people in failing to keep up a healthy and fit body throughout.

Or you can say these are the factors which can be looked into and removed from your lifestyle, in order to achieve any of your desired health goals.

So guys, here you go:

  1. Consistency:

I consider this factor to be the top most reason of why people fail to have a fit and healthy body. Whatever you do in your life, in order to achieve the most of it, you need to be consistent with it. You can’t just start it and leave it just after few days or weeks. You need to maintain a habit of doing that particular thing every single day with all most 100% consistency.

Same thing applies when it comes to have a fit n healthy body. I guess, everyone here will agree on this, that HEALTH should be the top most priority for everyone before anything else in this world, but the sad truth is we have completely forgotten about it and we have engaged in various other activities which we prioritize over our health.

So, in order to maintain a healthy body, one needs to maintain the consistency for doing the required exercises/workouts as per the requirement, following a particular diet plan throughout.

If we start doing only little things in order to achieve something and we continue doing it with consistency without any fail, we are surely going to achieve what we desired for.

  1. Indolence:

If you find hard to get this word, it is nothing but Laziness. This is also one of the basic factors for the failure of keeping a healthy body. I have seen many of my friends/colleagues just saying it to me with full energy and enthusiasm, that we want to get in shape, maintain a good body, we will do whatever it takes-no matter what, as soon as I suggest them something regarding the exercises or diet programs, on the first day of their new life, they pull up their socks, buy all the equipment, and what not and start doing what i suggest to them. Sounds good, right? But, i wish i could feel the same way as you people are feeling right now.

All this enthusiasm, activeness, liveliness is all gone on the very next day only. As i meet them and ask why they did not show up the next day in the gym, the same response i hear from about 70% of the people – It is very hard to get up early in the morning bro, my eyes only don’t open up, sorry bro i think i can’t continue and all the energy is gone in a single day itself.

One thing i am surprised at, is that people who work in shifts be it a Morning Shift, Night Shift or whatever it may be, do every possible things in order to present themselves at the office, as the only thing running in their minds is that they are going to some Vitamin M (Money !) at the end of every month and they completely ignore/neglect that if they take out the laziness also from their life for doing the exercise, following a particular healthy diet, they will be getting the best ever reward – which is a healthy life.

  1. Negative Influence:

This factor also plays its role in different ways for depriving someone to lead a healthy life. I am not blaming anyone here, but we can’t also ignore this fact that there are some people who are negative in their life and these are the people we need to keep a little distance, because these are the people who keep on putting the negative things in one’s mind be it be regarding doing anything in life. These kind of people are like “No man, this will never help you out” , “Why are you taking this much headache bro, let it be”, “Enjoy your life bro, sleep till 11:30 and wake up like a king, why you need to get up at 6 in the morning and go to gym”.

So, we should keep our surroundings free from these kind of people, as one has rightly said that Negative things influence far faster than the good things.

  1. Willpower:

In order to achieve anything in life, you should master the ability to control your own thoughts. Each one of us should wake up with a Determination and go to bed with the Satisfaction of achieving what they determined for. If you hack the secret of controlling your mind and willpower, you can achieve what others think is impossible for you to achieve. This factor applies for anything we want to get in our life. In the similar way, if you are so determined towards keeping and maintaining a good health, you are surely going to get the desired results, as your willpower will always be hitting your subconscious mind and reminding you about your goals to achieve.

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