General Diet plan for beginners ( Level 1)


As far Level 1 of diet is concerned it should look like this and this also fits best as a beginner as well:


1. First of all you should always keep this in mind that NEVER EVER skip this meal i.e; breakfast. Your Breakfast should be very heavy and healthy,containing almost all of the essential nutrients in it.

2. Before having anything early in the morning have 2 or 3 glasses of water everyday . It will be very beneficial for reducing the extra fat and maintain your health if you add some lime and honey/coriander with the water and drink it.

3. After that you can have oat meals (mixed with milk), boiled eggs 2 to 3 (mostly white part), Kishmish or any dry fruits 5 to 6 and the regular breakfast that will be cooked at your home.

But make sure your breakfast Does Not contain junk foods, rice, oily food, fried food or anything with high fat or cholesterol content.

4. In addition to this have some food rich in proteins and carbs both pre&post workout.


1.For lunch you can have rice with some sort of daal (which contain good amount of proteins) along with green vegetables and you can also add 200/500 gram of chicken as per your body requirement.

2.Proper Salad containing at least Carrot and Cucumber along with a glass of butter milk.

Mid-day Meal:

1. Some fruits or preferably a mixed fruit bowl containing almost every kind of fruit.

2. OR some fruit juice.

3. And some dry fruits also 5 to 6 of any type.


1. You can have a bowl of rice (not more than that) along with some chapatis and vegetables.

2. Have Salad along with the food as well which will maintain the fluid content in your body.

3. After dinner it is good to have some fruits like orange or apples or Muskmelon or else you can also have a glass of milk before sleeping added with one or two dates which prove to be very healthy and which will complete your full day meal plan.


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