Adding Clean Muscle Mass to your Body

These days everyone desires of lean body with as much less fat as it could me rather each one of us want a body with some clean muscle mass without extra and ugly fat.In order to achieve such kind of physique and get rid of the ugly fat over your end, you can use the... Continue Reading →


Get in and find everything in terms of diet plans/charts, workout plans, healthy & clean eating, nutrition necessary for your healthy and fit life ever after. Best and clean diet to live a healthy life. Daily Home Exercises for losing belly fat. Daily Home Exercises for Abs (One Month 6 pack abs chart). Full body... Continue Reading →

Difference between Yoga & Exercise

The basic difference between yoga and other forms of regular exercises such as running, working out at a gym, etc is that while regular exercise is intended to tone and strengthen the body, yoga’s intention goes well beyond body toning.The main aim of yoga is to yoga reach Samadhi, a higher state of consciousness and... Continue Reading →

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